Althea Thauberger


The Art of Seeing Without Being Seen


photographic mural

216" x 173"

  • Cpl. Jesse Callejo
  • MCpl. Eldon J. Smith
  • Tpr. Alex Langone
  • Tpr. Tim Chi Lee
  • Lt. Kenric Yuen
  • 2Lt. Dean Pilkey
  • Cpl. James A. Alexander
  • Tpr. Cristiano Bruno

A photographic mural featuring members of the British Columbia Regiment Duke of Connaught’s Own, a Vancouver reservist regiment specializing in reconnaissance. This work was created for installation on a wall in the Koerner Library at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. The subjects are photographed re-enacting an explosives training exercise near Chilliwack, British Columbia, and in a training station that is meant to approximate an Afghan village.

The title is borrowed from a catchphrase describing military reconnaissance, the specialty of the regiment depicted.

While the work was installed in the library, it received hundreds of written responses and incited considerable debate on campus. A selection of the written comments can be viewed here.