Althea Thauberger


There’s Talk of Rain: Althea Thauberger’s Theatrical Landscapes

Victoria H.F. Scott
Public Lecture and essay | Utrecht: BAK basis voor aktuele kunst. | 2007

The young woman in Althea Thauberger’s early video not afraid to die (2001) sits peacefully and thoughtfully in what appears to be a lush forest grove, her hands carefully folded on her lap. She is wearing a red and rust colored all-weather shell, a garment commonly worn on the West Coast of Canada, which protects the wearer against wind and rain. This long haired beauty is more country than elegant or urbane, but she is no less beautiful for that.2 Her eyes take in her surroundings with an air of carefree curiosity. Occasionally she smiles, at other times she appears pensive or mildly anxious; sometimes, lost in reverie. On the soundtrack large drops of water make musical splashing sounds while birds, squirrels, and chipmunks, chatter away in the background. Over the hum of nature, a folksy acoustic ballad, sung by the artist Althea Thauberger, is introduced.

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