Althea Thauberger


Selected Texts

Year Title Author Publisher
2015 The Revolution of Marat, Sade, Bohnice Geneviève Chevalier Ciel Variable no. 100
2015 Workers Entering the Factory After Thirteen Decades Amy Kazymerchyk BlackFlash Magazine, Volume 32 Issue 3
2015 Work, Art, and Deindustrialization in Rijeka: An interview with Althea Thauberger Konstantin Kilibarda LeftEast
2015 Framework 1/15 cheyanne turions & Kim Simon Susan Hobbs Gallery
2014 Althea Thauberger: Preuzmimo Benčić (Take Back Benčić) Sam Ackerley this is tomorrow
2014 Althea Thauberger Casts Kids as Us Blake Gopnik Artnet
2014 Framework 12/14:1 Darren O'Donnell with Emma, Isabella, & Neve Susan Hobbs Gallery
2014 Framework 12/14:2 Bojana Videkanic & Srebrenka Zeskoski Susan Hobbs Gallery
2013 Althea Thauberger at The Power Plant Milena Tomic Art in America Magazine
2013 Althea Thauberger: The Power Plant Krystina Mierins Artillery Magazine
2013 Althea Thauberger Focuses on Mental Illness in New Film Justin Mah Canadian Art Magazine
2013 Madness in Prague: Thauberger partners with performers, patients and psychiatrists Fran Schechtner Now Toronto
2012 Althea Thauberger Rose Bouthillier C Magazine International
2012 Faraways: Interview with Althea Thauberger Bryne MacLaughlin Canadian Art Magazine
2012 Framework 2:12 Saelan Twerdy Susan Hobbs Gallery
2011 The Vanishing Cause of History Andrew Witt The Mainlander
2011 Photo Mural Speaks of Vancouver’s Darkness Anne Cottingham Art Threat
2010 War Artist Deborah Campbell Canadian Art Magazine
2009 The last snapshot of the Vancouver Intelligentsia. An open letter to the participants of Althea Thauberger’s Carrall Street. Jerry Zaslove Carrall Street, Artspeak Gallery
2009 Zoning what was, what will be Rob Brownie & Annabel Vaughan Carrall Street, Artspeak Gallery
2008 The Awakening Nancy Tousley Calgary Herald
2008 Desire’s Eternity: Althea Thauberger’s Chelsea Girls Lisa Baldissera Art Gallery of Greater Victoria
2007 In The Service of Art Laura Schleussner Zivildienst ≠ Kunstproject
2007 Alone Again (In the Likeness of Life) Binna Choi Utrecht: BAK basis voor aktuele kunst
2007 Althea Thauberger, John Connelly Presents Emily Hall Art Forum XLV No. 10
2007 One to Watch Catherine Krudy Artkrush. Issue 56
2007 Make-Up: Conversations about Medium Kerry Tribe, Althea Thauberger & Melanie O'Brian X-TRA. v.10 no.1, p.7-15
2007 Althea Thauberger Wim Peeters London: Contemporary No. 89
2007 There’s Talk of Rain: Althea Thauberger’s Theatrical Landscapes Victoria H.F. Scott Public Lecture and essay | Utrecht: BAK basis voor aktuele kunst.
2007 Althea Thauberger / Social Service & Art Project Roberta Smith New York: New York Times, Art in Review.
2007 Imagine Action Mark Wilsher London: Art Monthly
2007 Imagine Action | Lisson Gallery Rachel Withers Art Forum XLVI No. 12
2007 Interview with Althea Thauberger Victoria Scott
2006 German Obligatory Service and Changing Social Values Andreas Ringer Zivildienst ≠ Kunstprojekt
2006 Northern – a film by Althea Thauberger Laura Schluessner Curatorial Statement
2006 The Outsiders’ Perspective Mary-Kay Lombino inSite_05 Situational Publics
2006 Des Ouevres Polymorphes Melanie Boucher Montréal: Espace #70
2006 Althea Thauberger, Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art, Toronto Jon Davies Toronto: Canadian Art
2006 Althea Thauberger: Experimentalism is Dead. Long Live the Internet Emily Vey Duke Toronto: C Magazine International Issue 91.
2006 In the Service of Art Laura Schleussner Berlin: Künstlerhaus Bethanien GmbH
2005 Statement on Murphy Canyon Choir Althea Thauberger
2005 Jean Kate Greenslade Ottawa: Gallery 101
2005 Musical Confronts Mortality Robin Lawrence The Georgia Straight
2005 A Memory Lasts Forever Martin Thacker Only Vol.2 No.18 Issue 30
2005 InSite 05 Jan Tulmir Art Forum XLIV No. 3
2005 Emotional Realism: Video Works by Althea Thauberger and Gillian Wearing Emily Vey Duke Khyber Centre
2005 A Memory Lasts Forever Heidi Zuckerman Jacobson Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive
2004 Althea Thauberger Lisa Baldissera Sobey Art Award Publication | Halifax: Art Gallery of Nova Scotia
2004 Girl Trouble: Teenage Girls in Contemporary Art Terence Dick Winnipeg: Border Crossings 90
2003 Althea Thauberger Lisa Corrin San Diego Museum of Contemporary Art, Seattle Art Museum, Vancouver Art Gallery, Wattis Institute California College of Art
2003 Songstress (excerpt) Jim Ellis Truck Gallery
2003 Althea Thauberger – Songstress Jennifer Fisher Parachute 112
2003 Canada’s Daughter Althea Thauberger Public 28: Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver & Public Access/York University Toronto
2002 Songstresses Invent Selves Alexander Varty The Georgia Straight 36 No. 1820